Heavy Duty - Raider


Heavy-Duty RWD

Work & Fun Machine

From $14,200 US MSRP


Length                            165cm/65"

Width                              70cm/27.5"

Height                             130cm/51"

Height Folded                70cm/27.5"

Estimated Dry Weight   110kg/242lb

Payload                           175kg/386lb

Ground Clearance         21.4cm/8.4"

Approach Degree           90

Departure Degree          90

Tires *                            AT 20 X 6 -10

* Interchangeable          AT 120 X 90-10

Make your Choice!

If what you want...

is a super engaging off-road machine where the only limitation is YOU...


A machine with so much power and agility you can take on any obstacle fearlessly, generating endless drifts and all the fun only RWD can provide...


And what you need … is a heavy-duty utility vehicle able to work under extreme working conditions of heat, longer travel distance on a single charge, additional Power port for range-extension to fit your needs, and Control port, able to connect to an e-trailer carrying extreme weights, opening a wide range of applications and more efficacy...


A machine so fit - you will tire with a grin of satisfaction way before it ever does...


Want to enjoy both worlds of agility and Heavy-Duty?

Then the EZRAIDER HD2 is the right choice for YOU!

It will change your game!

Key Specifications

Massive 2 Brush-less Hub-Engines with a total output of up-to 9,000W.

Dedicated Superior Quality Sine-wave Controller for EACH Engine, offering massive safeguard for controller, motor and battery.

Hydraulic Brake Discs on EACH Wheel. Energy regenerative brakes, Front & Back Hand-brakes, Dual Piston Calipers for precision braking and safety.

Huge high quality lithium-Ion 60V - 3000 W/h battery with advanced Battery Management System (BMS).

Extremely low susceptibility to mechanical wear. Built to the highest quality and specs to optimize your cost of ownership.

6 axes, patented and unique 360 degrees Floating Long Travel Suspension (F/R 50 cm / 19.6") that will flatten anything you throw at it!

The lightweight chassis to power ratio, strengthened steel, and extremely rigid tubular structure enable superior handling, reliability, and agility.

Control Port, so you can connect an electrical trailer, potentially carrying any weight.

Power Port - so you can increase your riding distance range for your needs. 

Electronically limited to local regulations.

Maximum Speed of 40 Km / 25 mph.

Up to 75 Km / 45 miles

on a single charge.

RWD Extreme Navigability

All-Terrain Handling











Jack, Property Manager

We have been using a couple of HD2 EZRAIDERS for just over a year now to manage our landscape.

We are able to cover more challenging ground in heavily forrested areas quickly and efficiently with greater carrying capabilities, and zero mechanical issues!

It's a game changer for us.

Pearce, Hunter

No need for a trailer!

This is a a bad ass off road vehicle. You can literally get anywhere with it doing anything. I love the massive battery, and the e-cart connection comes in handy when we go camping.

Leon, Farmer

Everything you hear about the EZRAIDER is true... it's an amazing and powerful tool, but it's all excuses ... to convince myself that indulging myself in pure fun has other benefits too!

It is PURE pleasure!


EZRaider, EZRaider HD2-E, EZRaider HD4-E הינם דגמי רכב המיועדים ליצוא לחו"ל.

EZRaider, EZRaider HD-2 E, EZRaider HD4-E models are intended only for export 



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