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General Overview

EZRaider is a new concept in personal mobility.  A four wheel electric vehicle suited to a variety of terrain conditions, it can be driven standing or seated.

EZRaider was developed and is built in Israel.

EZRaider is a portmanteau, fusing the letters EZ from the name of its creator, with the word “raider,” daring to take on any terrain.

We are offering three different models:  the EZRaider LW, EZRaider HD4 and Ezraider HD2.  In addition, there are two types carts that design to fits the EZRaider, one is none electric cart (CART) and the other one is a motorized electric cart (HD-Cart).

LW = lightweight

HD = heavy duty.

General specifications

Specs for the different models can be found on the product page >>

EZRaider can travel at a speed of 45 km-h, subject to local regulations.

Depending on the model, EZRaider can travel up to 80 kilometers.  Terrain conditions, payload and driver skill can all effect actual performance.

The relevant measure of battery performance in an electric vehicle is range.

Yes, EZRaider designed for driving in the rain, subject to road conditions.  It should not be driven in water deeper than 15 cm (half of the wheel height).

EZRaider is a small, lightweight, four wheel electric vehicle that provides safe and easy personal mobility in both urban and off road conditions.  Its patent protected suspension system together with a low center of gravity give it unparalleled safety and stability.

Yes , EZRaider is a fully collapsible mobility solution.  An individual user can easily fold the vehicle and stow it in a private station wagon. 

Charge time for the EZRaider battery is 3 to 5 hours, depending on the model.

No, the battery does not have to be removed. There is external socket to connect the charger .

Minimum driving age is subject to local regulations.

The use of a helmet us subject to local regulation.  To ensure maximum safety, the company encourages its users to wear a helmet whenever driving.

Road use us subject to local regulations.

EZRaider’s small size and light weight make it suitable for a variety of storage solutions.  Its collapsible structure means it can fit into unconventional spaces.

Like any vehicle, EZRaider can be parked on the street, at the sole responsibility of the owner.

Yes. You can install a GPS device on the vehicle.  Please consult your local EZRaider distributor.  For the warrantee to remain in effect the device must be installed by an authorized professional.

The EZRaider is the result of meticulous planning and innovative design using the highest quality materials available.  The result is a unique vehicle, in a class of its own. 

To discuss payment terms, contact your local EZRaider dealership. 

The EZRaider is available in green or black.

To ascertain delivery times, consult your local EZRaider dealership. 

Carrying passengers is subject to local regulations.

Insurance requirements are subject to local regulations.


User manual is attached to each EZRaider and provided to each purchaser. Download the user manual →

For maintenance instructions, please consult the user manual.

To view a list of authorized service centers near you, contact your local EZRaider dealer.

Vehicle inspection requirements are subject to local regulation.

An outstanding feature of the EZRaider is simplicity of design.  Its engineering is intuitive and accessible, so that you can easily identify and locate any problems that arise.  In most cases you can carry out basic maintenance functions by yourself.  Repairs to the mechanical, electrical and steering systems must be made by an authorized professional.

The user manual features air pressure tables suited to different terrain conditions. 

You have a number of options.  Consult the user manual, contact the main service center in your area, or send us an email at the following address:

Clean your vehicle in accordance with instructions in the user manual.

Do not wash the upper part of the vehicle where the control switch located, clean the upper part with a damp cloth or disposable wipes.

The rest of the vehicle can be washed with water using a high-pressure washer from a distance of at least one and a half meters. 

The best way to conserve the battery is to ride at low speed, easy on the throttle.


Your warranty is in force for a period of 12 months from delivery, please contact your local dealer for more info.

Take your EZRaider to an authorized service center. A professional will examine the vehicle and determine whether the repair is covered by the warranty.

Yes, as long as you sell it within 12 months of the original purchase.

No, you must bring the vehicle to the service center by yourself.


You cannot replace the battery by yourself.  Opening the battery compartment is dangerous and will void your warranty.

Consult with a qualified professional.  The company does not install accessories (beside the accessories on our list), and the warranty does not cover them. Any damage incurred by the vehicle during the installment of accessories may void the warranty.

Please consult your authorized EZRaider dealership.

Yes.  For the warranty to remain in force, you must purchase only original parts from the authorized dealer who sold you the vehicle, or from an authorized service center.