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who are we?

About ezraider

The EZraider was developed to take us to all those places we find hard to access.
At EZRaider we believe that nothing is impossible and that through use of technology and innovation we can achieve almost anything. This is the driving force that led us to develop the reliable and durable futuristic mobility vehicle that will get you anywhere you need to go.

The power of technology
our story

The EZRAIDER is an Israeli invention that today is used in for tourism, civil and homeland security, extreme outdoor activities and personal mobility worldwide.
With a lightweight of 95 kg, up to 130 kg this sophisticated four-wheel electric vehicle can speed up to 35 to 45 kph with a drive range of up to 40 to 80 km on a full battery charge. The EZRAIDER can be used Standing or Sitting, and accommodate even 2 people and carry maximum 200 kg.

It All Started with a Childhood Ambition
Erez Abramov is the creator of the EZRaider. From military-use off road vehicles to buggies designed for the Paris-Dakar rally, Erez doesn’t just make cars, he literally reinvents how we move. It all began on the Israeli farm where he was born in 1966. Erez grew up around tractors and other heavy agricultural machinery – fixing them, operating them, helping his parents dig and haul, plant and harvest. By 1990, Abramov’s passion for extreme motorsports coalesced in the first prototype of what would later become the EZRaider. Inspired by a jet ski, it combined the size and the look of a skateboard with a two-stroke motorcycle engine, large wheels and a handlebar for stabilization.
Rise of the EZRaider
Erez began his professional career building farm machinery. The EZRaider came about by accident – a driving accident that left Erez with a broken collar bone and limited mobility. Experimenting with lighter materials that were easier to handle, Erez pulled an old design out of the closet – his 1990 project: the engine powered, all terrain skateboard. Now it all came together. Erez set out to build his own machine for the sheer thrill of off-road adventure. It called for a total redesign, a completely new, patented suspension system, motor, chassis, and meticulous craftsmanship. The result was a game changer: an entirely new category in the off-road vehicle market. Together with Miki Bar and Gadi Binyamini, Erez founded DSRaider, Ltd. in 2017 to develop build and market the EZRaider worldwide.