LW Luggage Rack

Stainless Steel Luggage Rack. allowing additional space. Fits the EZRaider LW.

Hand Guard Upgrade Kit

Keep those branches and thorns from hitting the backs of your fingers while you ride on trails and deep in the woods. Fits all EZRaider models.

EZRaider seat

EZRaider classic seat. Stand up or Sit down. Your Choice! Specifically designed to fit seamlessly on all EZRaider models.

Extra battery

Extra battery – Doubles the travel range Fits the EZRaider LW.

EZRaider E-Cart

A perfectly fitted cart with a dedicated connection to the vehicle. The cart can be used to carry equipment, transport goods, evacuate wounded, and more.

EZRaider HD4

All wheel drive (AWD) 4X4 electric vehicle, intended for navigation under harsh conditions, such as sand dunes and deep mud.

EZRaider HD2

Powerful (2X4) electric vehicle capable of travelling longer distances on a single charge.

EZRaider LW

A revolutionary lightweight electric vehicle with a new level of standards for extreme, personal, and professional mobility


EZRaider black softshell coat for men. Available in S-XXL sizes

Polo shirt

EZRaider Black polo shirt for men. Available in S-XXL sizes


Rudy Project glasses, black or white. EZRaider branding

 Skid Plate

Aluminum Skid Plate Upgrade Kit for All Models for maximum protection.

Mud guards

Soft mud guards for maximum protection. Back and front. Fits for LW and HD2.

HD Luggage Rack

Heavy-Duty luggage rack fits all EZRaider models allowing additional towing ability.

Digital panel

Digital panel Includes lighting switch and speed mode selector switch. Waterproof Fits all EZRaider models.
You can choose between key and a switch