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Gadget fix (from The Sunday Times)

Zip around on an all-terrain vehicle that would eat your average e-scooter for breakfast, get your hands on the Rambo of smartphones, city hop in a flying car and stay fully charged at a computer desk for gamers

Go up a gear

EZRaider HD4 This looks like it will be a whole heap of fun when we are finally allowed to venture beyond our 5km bubbles. The formidable EZRaider weighs 130kg and would eat your average e-scooter for breakfast. A rugged, all-terrain vehicle, it features four-wheel drive and a powerful 18kW motor, giving it a top speed of 45kph. A 3kWh lithium battery gives it a range of up to 75km, while the off-road suspension has six-axes of movement and features up to 50cm of travel suspension. Fitted with beefy hydraulic disc brakes, it can carry payloads of up to 200kg and can even pull its own trailer. If it wasn’t for a certain regime change, we’d already have bought one of these beasts for “bugging out” purposes.


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