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A Game


The EZRaider is a first of its kind.
The realization of original ideas and concepts which had never been seen before.

A true icon transcends time.
It is born from a vision that is forever looking forwards – to the future, where the imagined is made real.

The EZRaider badge represents the cutting edge in automotive innovation and quality. It is the evolution of all-terrain sports and leisure adventure vehicles.




Intuitive handling is the driving force behind any EZRaider machine.

The more intuitive the connection between the Vehicle, Terrain, and You ... the better the handling ... the more comfortable and confident you feel ... the more you are able to push through the terrains achieving your best.

There is no other machine like the EZRaider that connects Man-and-Terrain so intuitively and with such performance to riders of all levels so quickly and safely.


Patented & Only 'Floating'

Suspension System

Our patented suspension system lies at the heart of every EZRaider, and is the only suspension system of its kind in the world. EZRaider's own unique ‘floating suspension’ is an engineering marvel capable of Six Axes of Movements – 360 degrees.

With the high ground clearance, extremely low center of gravity, and our patented Long Travel Suspension (F/R 50 cm, 20”), the EZRaider is able to 'flatten' any type of terrain unlucky enough to get in its path, giving you commanding control, so you can focus on the ride ahead in maximum safety.


Terrain Surfing


We capture the elusive feeling only surfers feel … but with immediate success, ease, and maximum safety.

Ride with your entire body maneuvering through a combination of shifting your weight on the board from side-to-side similar to a Skateboard or Snowboard, as well as using lateral forces to any part of the chassis, translating the chassis consequent lateral movement to a tilt motion along the roll axis, and the use of the steering of the handlebar - to surf the toughest terrains all year along.


Light Weight

Superior Durability


Only that which serves a purpose - stays on the vehicle.

The EZRaider is crafted using only light-weight superior materials, using special equipment to achieve the smallest wall-thickness to reduce weight even costs are spared in crafting an EZRaider!

However, you are only as strong as your weakest link, which is why all components of the EZRaider are sleek and fortified to withstand any challenge.

In fact, the EZRaider is capable of much, much more - but is limited by the controllers on-board.




Everything about the EZRaider screams the highest quality.

All elements of the EZRaider machine are immaculately tested for supreme quality and every single detail is taken into account to achieve the best conceivable result. 

This is why having passed through the most comprehensive international vehicle examinations, all EZRaider models are currently used by armies, homeland security agencies, intelligence agencies, police, international rescue forces, tour operators...






The EZRaider is engineered to endure whatever you throw at it. Our uniquely designed engines have monstrous instantaneous power, high energy efficiency, powerful performance, and extremely low susceptibility to mechanical wear.

Our water-resistant engines are in a class of their own with high-quality Chromoly driveshafts to withstand crazy high pressures, high-quality magnets, and Japanese made bearings... 


Everything - so you can enjoy extreme power at your fingertips, increased reliability, lower maintenance requirements, and reduced noise.


Smart And Powerful



Each brush-less hub-motor on an EZRaider has its own dedicated superior quality Sine-wave controller with extremely high PWN frequency, reverse driving, energy regenerative braking, three-mode speed selection interface (can be changed by end-users), LED indication for precise operation and fault status, making our own designed hub-motors super quiet, energy-efficient, precise, with smooth torque, and total protection for controllers, motors, and battery.


Clean & Efficient



Efficiently located at the lowest center of gravity of the vehicle, EZRaider uses only the highest quality Panasonic-Sanyo cells for our huge lithium-ion 60V 1740-3000 w/h (model dependent) batteries to reduce further the total-weight.

However, the intelligence of the battery does not lie in the cell but in the complex battery system, which is why we use one of the most advanced Battery Management System (BMS) available to extend battery life, ensure battery safety, to balance the cells, monitor the battery health, and optimize your cost of ownership.


Light Weight

Superior Agility



The basic framework of the EZRaider, the chassis, is designed and hand-crafted like an off-road racing car incorporating aspects from the worlds of super-bikes, racing cars and even aviation technology.


The EZRaider lightweight chassis is crafted from fortified steel, and extremely rigid tubular structure that enables superior handling, reliability, and agility, so you can do more riding in more places, with greater ease and increased safety.


Powerful & Precise Braking


Crafting an EZRaider is an art and we stop at nothing to perfect it.

Our own unique designed hydraulic brake discs, energy regenerative braking, front and back brake levers and hand-brakes, dual piston calipers, identical brake systems on all 4 wheels to reduce maintenance costs, Teflon core stainless steel braided brake lines that are able to withstand extremely high pressures and heat, soft touch – easy to pull brake levers, are all part of the extremely precise and powerful EZRaider braking system that provides you with extra safety, precise turns and enhanced control of the vehicle.

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