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The barriers and engineering challenges one had to transcend and overcome in order to build a narrow (65cm / 25” width), short (161cm / 63”), and a 4 wheel vehicle that is capable of maneuvering through any APOCALYPTIC TERRAIN, at FAST SPEEDS ... taking SHARP CORNERS with a smirk...while the RIDER is STANDING UP on a board - having only the rider's own weight and a handlebar to hold on to … are nothing short of an ENGINEERING MIRACLE!

This point alone required inventing a new kind of suspension system.

After all, any swift and forceful bump should knock the rider off the board – something you will never experience with an EZRAIDER.

But there is more...




Ahh ...and this machine must be so intuitive that ANYONE can ride it - instantly.

So much FUN ... the entire outdoors will be your playground.

So POWERFUL, AGILE, and CAPABLE - the only limitation is YOU!

So RELIABLE, and VERSATILE armies, international intelligence agencies and rescue forces will trust it ... with their lives.

Packed with enough energy to go the LONG DISTANCES and back … HIGH-PAYLOAD, and SUPERB TOWING POWER...

A machine with extremely LOW SUSCEPTIBILITY TO MECHANICAL WEAR ... built to the HIGHEST QUALITY, outstanding CRAFTSMANSHIP, and specifications to optimize your cost of ownership... .

And with absolutely NO COMPROMISE TO SAFETY!

No wonder nothing like it ever existed ... the EZRAIDER is a NEW CATEGORY IN THE AUTOMOTIVE WORLD, incorporating cutting edge technology, meticulous craftsmanship, and ingenuity with age-old philosophy of reliability, durability, quality, and safety.

It's a real GAME CHANGER!

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