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Heavy-Duty Luggage Rack with 3 Separate Clevis Mounts


Heavy-Duty luggage rack & hauling mounts for all EZRaider models (LW, HD2, HD4):

This heavy-duty rack fits seamlessly to all EZRaider models allowing for additional towing power and tool box to hold and protect the rider's gear. The rack has three separate Clevis mounts that can be used for a variety of applications taking full advantage of your EZRaider.

- Fits all EZRaider models

- Space for rider's gear

- Three separate Clevis mounts for hauling and other applications

   (e.g. second rider's standing platform).

- Built-in place for Power and Controller Ports 

- Made from Stainless Steel 304

- Genuine EZRaider part

- Mounts without modifying your EZRaider 

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