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The Israeli Police is acquiring 40 All-Terrain Scooters from EZRaider

D.S Raider Ltd., the manufacturer of the EZRAIDER won a tender from the Israel Police for operational all-terrain scooters with exceptional off road capabilities.

According to the Israel Police tender, the vehicles must be able to travel on "sidewalks, boardwalks, roads, off-road, paved dirt roads, dirt roads, and dunes".

In addition to extreme navigability, the tender also included add-ons such as the installation of a charging socket for a phone, an out-put power inverter for the connection of additional electrical installations, a 40-liter plastic storage box, and a public address system with a command box including a siren, a beeper, and microphone.

The all-terrain scooter from EZRAIDER was chosen after the Israeli Police thoroughly examined six scooters for an entire year in different field conditions, such as high-density gatherings.

The tender required a travel range of at least 80 kilometers.

The provision of the operational scooters is for one year, but the Israel Police reserve the right to extend the duration of the contract by three additional years as needed.

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