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Soldiers now testing robot snakes, electric combat scooters and thermal-masking blankets

In the hills and woodlands of western Georgia, soldiers in squad to company-sized teams are running mock battles, testing out the latest, greatest and weirdest tactical-level gear that the Army hopes will give them the edge in a rapid, complex, fight of the future.

The Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments this year focused on six categories: lethality, mission command, mobility, survivability, sustainment, team and soldier performance.

The AEWE began in 2004 to focus modernization effort on the small unit. They run in two phases, the first phase, from October to January, are standalone and live fire events with each system.

The force-on-force experiments begins in February and will run for three weeks. The annual event culminates on March 17 with a an “Insights Day” at Fort Benning, Georgia, that includes briefings on gear tested and how soldiers used it during the experimentation, Maneuver Battle Lab spokeswoman Monica Manganaro told Army Times.

Below is a just small sampling of a few of the 68 items listed for experimentation in six categories.


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