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Your Soul

For many, a vehicle is just a utilitarian mode of transport that gets them and their utilities from point A to B, while for some others it's a means of self-expression and a passion.


EZRaider is a very rare breed of vehicle which apart from its incredible craftsmanship, performance and efficacy also sport the expression of its rider’s soul.


A fantastic technical machinery with incredible craftsmanship, a combination of ingenuity, philosophy, and appreciation for excellence.



by Nature

No matter your experience and capabilities, the EZRaider is so intuitive that ANYONE can learn to ride well in SECONDS, so powerful, and agile you will never reach its full potential.

In fact, the only limitation might be YOU!

One of the founding pillars of EZRaider’s philosophy is the intuitive connection between the Vehicle, Terrain, and You.

How safe, and secure the vehicle feels to you... How well it can be handled...

Ergonomics... How well you can anticipate the vehicle’s responses... How instinctive your actions become... .

The EZRAIDER feels so exhilarating, and safe, precisely because it is the most intuitive riding machine out there!




Designed for off-road racing and adventure-loving hobbyists looking to get way, way out there, the EZRaiders can handle breakneck speeds on rugged terrains without a hiccup.

The devilish details are in the unique 360 degrees patented suspension system designed for one result - a smooth, butter riding through apocalyptic grounds – nonstop.

Where every bump is a chuckle, every slide a momentary gasp of breath, every moment an adrenaline-rush... and the zen of being miles away from anything.


Take a Ride

On the Wild Side

Feel that elusive feeling only surfers feel …


The EZRaider is the only extreme off-road suspension system specially designed to deal with a rider standing up-right!


As such, the entire maneuvering occurs through a combination of shifting your weight side-to-side similar to skateboarding or snowboarding, as well as using side forces to generate centrifugal forces, and steering of the handlebar - to literally surf the challenging, technical mind-boggling terrains out there.

Addictive endless drifting, and creative maneuvers will become your everyday playground.




The EZRaider is an invincible connection between Man and Terrain.

Feel the infusion of raw power, and mind-numbing instantaneous acceleration.

Due to its lightweight and powerful (up to 4,500W each) independent brush-less hub-motors, huge lithium-ion (up to 60V 1740-3000 w/h - model dependent) high-quality batteries that will get you anywhere and back in full force.


With so much available and instantaneous power no wonder you will feel invincible.


Discover Nature

In Adventure

No other machine gets you closer to nature than an EZRaider.

Go off the beaten path and breathe in the fresh air to experience all that nature has to offer.

The EZRaider provides you with non-obtrusive unlimited access in order to fully explore the rugged outdoors.


Encounter and experience new and amazing diverse landscapes, ranging from beaches, waterfalls, and valleys, to ancient villages and plantations, to desert dunes and mountains in ways you never thought were possible!


All with zero impact on the environment.


Precious Things come in small Packages


No need for a trailer.

Incredibly portable, the EZRaider makes for the perfect partner for any outdoor experience.

Just stow two of them in the back of your truck or one in the back of your car and enjoy the outdoors experience like never before.


Low Running Costs - 

High Performance


Being a proud owner of an EZRaider means you have an everlasting smile.


Besides the unique and extraordinary feeling of surfing on any terrain, the EZRaider is electrical and so well built that you will soon forget the term "running costs", another reason to smile!


Versatile By Design

Choosing EZRaider means quality and seamless integration.

We have accessories for utility, recreation, performance or hunting,

designed to look great, and built to last.


You may add a luggage rack to carry all your gear, or haul using the designated control port for an electric cart, where the only limitation of weight - is dependent on the e-cart model you choose.


In fact, Military and International Rescue Forces trust the EZRaider to tow battle-injured soldiers, and all sorts of secret payloads.


Designed for Navigability Engineered for Safety


The EZRaider is designed, and engineered to get you

anywhere you want - in complete safety.


Intuitive steering for better and precise handling, patent, and only 360 degrees suspension system for a butter smooth ride keeping the rider connected to the EZRaider - no matter the terrain.

Extremely light and strong iron cage tubular chassis for better agility, powerful hydraulic disk brakes for precision braking, drive components shielded by a single piece high-grade aluminum skid plate which protects the entire underside of the vehicle, optional hand guards ...

that's safety, and it is just the beginning.

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